Natural Diamond

One of the world’s most precious treasures, a diamond is one of nature’s most incredible and unique gifts. Born deep in the earth millions of years ago, diamonds have been on an incredible natural journey.

Much like a snowflake, every diamond is unique, with a natural pattern telling a different story, no two alike.

What is a Natural Diamond?

A diamond is made up of billions of carbon atoms. Each carbon atom in a diamond is strongly bonded to four others, making them the hardest known natural substance. Diamonds also exhibit high thermal conductivity, are resistant to chemicals and have an exceptionally high transparency.

The formation of diamonds was shaped by explosive natural forces. At depths of over 120km, through intense heat of between 900°C and 1300°C, pressures of 45 kbar and above and over millions and often billions of years, this incredible miracle happens – carbon crystallises to form diamonds.